Formosa Pharmaceuticals Pipeline


In collaboration with EirGenix, Inc., Formosa Pharmaceuticals is developing TSY-0110, a biosimilar of ado-trastuzumab emtansine (trade name, Kadcyla®). This antibody-drug conjugate utilizes trastuzumab manufactured by EirGenix, Inc. and employs Formosa Laboratories’ in-house capabilities in CMC and bioconjugation. We have demonstrated that TSY-0110 has exceptional similarity to Kadcyla® in the major physicochemical categories of molecular weight, aggregation, and drug-antibody ratio (DAR). Additionally, TSY-0110 has proven to be similar to Kadcyla® in thermal and plasma stability comparison studies.

TSY-0110 is being positioned for filing for clinical trials in 2021 and is available for licensing and/or partnering.

Formosa Pharmaceuticals’ Pipeline

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