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Technology Advantages|APNT nanoparticle formulation platform

APNT is an innovative and breakthrough technology compared with other particle size reduction platforms:

How does APNT work ?

Milling Medium

APNT does not employ metal or plastic “beads” and therefore avoids contamination derived from fragmentation from bead collision and grinding. APNT products have high purity, as it utilizes salts or sugars for milling, which can remain as part of the final formulation.

APNT nanoparticle formulation technology

APNT nanolization process

Beads Milling

Beads Milling and contamination risks

APNT Technology vs. Other Particle Size Reduction Platforms

Key features APNT Technology Other Particle Size Reduction Platforms (Beads-Milling, NanoEdgeTM, Cryomilling)
Aseptic Filtration is possible * Narrow particle size distribution and the particle size of APNT nanolized API can be less than 200nm to pass aseptic filter (0.2 micron).
Tunable particle size & narrow particle size distribution * Difficult in tuning particle size
* NanoEdge™ has broad particle distribution .
Preservation of crystal structure * Cryomilling: amorphization of material from crystal cracking at low temperature
Adequate operational temperature * Beads-Milling generates high temperature which may affect API.
* Cryomilling requires extremely low temperatures.
Free of solvents and harsh additives * Use of organic solvents that may remain in final product and present possible toxicology or allergen risk
* Beads-Milling use of harsh additives that remain in final product
Low contamination risk * Beads-Milling has higher contamination risk from beads.
All excipients are GRAS level * APNT: All excipients are GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe)

APNT can help your asset by

APNT helps the formulation
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