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APP13007, derived from our proprietary APNT formulation platform, is an aqueous-based ophthalmic nanosuspension positioned for the treatment of post-operative pain and inflammatory eye conditions. The active ingredient in APP13007 is a potent corticosteroid agent whose efficacy and safety for dermatological use has been well established for more than 30 years in the US, Europe, and Japan. APP13007 will represent the first ophthalmic application of the known API. APP13007 completed Phase 2 studies in 2020 and has just started Phase 3 studies in the United States in March, 2021.

APP13007 Phase 2 Summary

Response rate strongly suggests APP13007 outperforms competitors in reducing inflammation and pain for critical Phase 3 endpoints

* Graphs are a comparison of published clinical data; These data are not from a head-to-head clinical study.

APP13007 is available for regional or global partnering/licensing.

Formosa Pharmaceuticals’ Pipeline

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