Formosa Pharmaceuticals Technology

APNT Formulation Platform

The APNT (Activus Pure Nanoparticle Technology) Platform effectively reduces API particle size to improve dissolution and bioavailability without the drawbacks of heavy metal contamination other methods often experience.

The APNT platform offers the following distinct advantages:

  • Reliable and tunable particle reduction achieved through removable milling excipients, thereby lowering contamination risk
  • Milling technique that avoids both extreme temperature and use of solvents/reagents that could potentially induce polymorphic change or affect purity
  • Stable formulation and excellent dispersion properties even after standing or centrifugation
  • Use of industry-approved agents and FDA-allowed excipients.
  • Amenable to sterile filtration
  • Strong patent protection

APNT Scope and Application

Development Pipeline

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