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Technology Overview| APNT nanoparticle formulation platform

What is APNT formulation platform?

Formosa Pharmaceutical’s proprietary APNT Formulation Platform operates on the principle of particle size reduction to improve dissolution and bioavailability, with lower risk of contamination.

See APNT’s Power in the Small

APNT features and benefits
Benefits of formulation Features & Advantages of APNT
Stable formulation
  • Stable and excellent dispersion properties even after long standing.
  • Manufacturing process occurs at mild temperatures and avoids use of harsh reagents, which preserves the integrity (crystal structure and purity) of the API.
  • Increased Bioavailability
  • With increased dissolution due to reduction of particle size and increase in surface area.
  • APNT allows better penetration enhance PK/PD data for low-solubility APIs.
  • Enhanced Safety Profile
  • Allows lower API concentrations due to increased penetration, with low contamination risk.
  • Increased IP value of asset
  • APNT has acquired 50 patents in multiple countries / regions to support formulation’s intellectual property strategy.
  • Lower investment in production and increased environmental sustainability
  • Reduced concentration may decrease the necessary API and manufacture scale.
  • Aseptic Filtration is possible (<200 nm), simplifying the manufacturing environment and process.
  • APNT Can Help Drugs With Poor Solubility or Bioavailability:

    Increasing dissolution and absorption, enhancing efficacy while decreasing side effects, and reducing unnecessary dose.
    • Increasing the success rate for new drugs
    • Exploring new possibilities on existing drugs
    • Giving an unsuccessful drug asset an alternative
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