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Senior Management

Dr. CY Cheng founded Formosa Laboratories, Inc. in 1996, and Formosa Pharmaceuticals in 2010. He received his Ph.D. degree in Medicinal Chemistry from University of California, San Francisco, and conducted postdoctoral research at MIT. He has over 35 years’ pharmaceutical industrial experience including at DuPont in Delaware (United States). Just prior to his industrial engagements, Dr. Cheng was also a Professor in the College of Pharmacy at National Taiwan University.
Dr. Erick Co has over 20 years’ drug discovery experience leading to the invention of 6 preclinical and clinical drug candidates. He received a B.S. degree in Chemistry from the California Institute of Technology, and a Ph.D. in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from University of California, Los Angeles.Trained as a medicinal chemist in leading biotech and pharma companies such as Exelixis and Takeda, where he contributed to several clinical phase candidates, Erick transitioned into managerial roles at Nitto Denko and ScinoPharm Taiwan. He serves as Chief Executive Officer for Formosa Pharmaceuticals.
Dr. Chen has over 15 years’ industry and academia experience in Food and Cosmetic sciences. Prior to joining Formosa Pharmaceuticals, he was a Professor at Vanung University in Taoyuan, Taiwan where he served as the Vice Chairman. Dr. Chen’s educational training includes a postdoctoral appointment at the National Health Research Institutes of Taiwan, and a Ph.D. in Food and Nutritional Sciences at the University of Shizuoka, Japan. Dr. Chen now heads the Nanotechnology division of Formosa Pharmaceuticals, developing APP13007, APP13002, and directing new research to expand the scope of the APNT formulation platform.
Mr. Wei has more than 10 years of sales and BD experience in the health care, pharmaceutical and food industries. He graduated from Institute of Health Policy and Management, National Taiwan University, and the International Business Administration Program (IBAP) of International Trade Institute (ITI). After graduation, he worked as an international BD manager, project manager, and vice president in APIs, generic drugs, new drugs, and health foods companies respectively, and obtained PMP license and regulatory affairs certificates (RAC). Mr. Wei currently serves as the Director of the Business Development of Formosa Pharmaceuticals, responsible for licensing and international partnering and collaboration activities.

Before joining Formosa Pharmaceuticals, Ms. Chu ever worked in Taiwan Liposome Company(TWSE4152) and Microlife Corporation(TWSE4103). She has 20 years of experience in financial management and corporate governance, and currently engaged in capital market and corporate governance affairs at Formosa Pharmaceuticals. Mr. Chu received Master degree from National Chengchi University.

Ms. Tsan earned her B.S. in Zoology at National Taiwan University and M.S. in Toxicology at the University of Michigan. Upon returning to Taiwan she worked at several prominent R&D outsourcing and clinical management firms in Taipei. Kate now leads the Project Management team at Formosa Pharmaceuticals, overseeing the progress and development of all programs.

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