About Formosa Pharmaceuticals

Business Strategy & Core Competence

Formosa Pharma’s foundation is based on drug discovery and medicinal chemistry expertise led by Dr. C.Y. Cheng and Dr. Erick Co, with more than 50 years of combined academic and industrial experience in new drug discovery. Formosa Pharma is also responsible for fund-raising, scouting and in-licensing of promising development candidates, project management and coordination amongst our partners.

Our 2017 acquisition of Activus Pharma, Japan, has afforded us the APNT platform, a unique nanoparticle technology for organic molecules of low water-solubility, and two nanoparticle ophthalmology drugs with 505(b)(2) opportunities. The APNT technology will continue to provide opportunities for in-house development or co-development with originators of small molecule drugs exhibiting poor bioavailability.

Formosa Pharma’s alliance with AimMax Therapeutics in the US allows us to have access to an experienced team covering all essential functional areas capable of carrying out necessary development work to take early-stage molecules efficiently through enhanced research, IND-enabling development into IND submission, IND approval and subsequent clinical trials, with a strong representation in the US, the most important market for new medicines. We also work together to identify out-licensing opportunity at the proper timing and commercialization in the global market.

Development Pipeline

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